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Excellence Company is the laureate of the “Doceń polskie” program

Excellence Company is the laureate of the “Doceń polskie” program

Excellence S.A. won a prestigious award! Our offer received the product mark “Doceń polskie” and the title TOP PRODUCT. Experts have decided to award distinctions during the XXXII certification of foodstuffs organized as part of the National Polish Promotional Program “Doceń polskie” Honorary patronage over the assessment of food is the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Excellence company is the laureate of the “Doceń polskie” program

“Polish accent” – this is a requirement that must be met by food products evaluated during food certification. which at the same time will be positively received by specialists who sit in the Experts’ Lodge. The group of specialists is chaired by Mirek Drewniak, co-founder of the Chefs’ Club. Apart from him, the jury includes people professionally associated with the food industry.

During the annual food audits, which take place every quarter, each product is checked individually. The last of the previous attestations took place on January 30 in Sosnowiec. On that day, members of the “Doceń polskie” jury assessed the taste, appearance and value for money of products from companies around the country.

Almost 72 producers joined the certification, and experts assessed a total of 174 groceries. Only those of them who obtained high marks for each of the three previously listed aspects received awards.

Among the winners of the XXXII attestation was Excellence S.A. The “Doceń polskie” certificate has been awarded our proposal, ie Polish raspberry syrup every day. Our syrup has received maximum marks (“10” alone) for taste, appearance and value for money, which is why it was also awarded the title of TOP PRODUCT, which is reserved exclusively for outstanding food products.

May attestation, during which the Excellence company’s offer was awarded, was the second of this year’s evaluations. At the same time, it was the thirty-second audit in the history of the “Appreciate Polish” promotional program. The first certification took place in April 2011. From the very beginning of the program’s functioning, the honorary patron of the attestation is the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The next audit will take place in January 2019.

The “Doceń polskie” program has a national character: producers from all over the country, offering food products of various types, from dairy products and bread, through meat, sweets, drinks, ready meals, frozen foods, semi-finished products, to own brand products, enter the certification. The May audit was the thirty-second in the history of the “Doceń polskie” program. The project promoting domestic food and its producers has been implemented since 2011.