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Our many years of experience and constant development have allowed us to build an innovative company and gain a leading position in the Polish and foreign markets. Discover our history and our path to perfection!

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Excellence around the world

Excellence products are sold all over the world. Our syrups are popular in Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Ukraine. Along the Baltic coast we reach Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Our products have also been very successful in the United Kingdom. We also travel further west, where we are already the market leader in the United States. Our traditional flavours from Grandma Jadzia are particularly appreciated by consumers in Canada. We have also started cooperating with markets in Asia, where we reach Mongolia and Iran.
Our activities around the world were appreciated in the Business Paddle – Export competition, where we received an award for exceptional achievements in the field of export development. We strive to ensure that our customers can enjoy Polish syrups of high quality and excellent taste resulting from the combination of a traditional recipe with a modern eco-friendly approach. Excellence is going global!